Am I Bipolar?

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The definition of Bipolar is a disorder that affects your moods swings in a severe way. There are millions of people who are dealing with Bipolar every day, including Bipolar children . However, there are also a lot of people who may have this disease but they are not aware of it. If you have severe mood swings then you need to find out the answer to the question, am I Bipolar?

It is a good idea to find out if there is a history of Bipolar disorder in your family. If you have kids then you will also want to know about Bipolar in children. Anyone can get this disease so you want to make sure you know your family history that way you will know whether it is a threat to you or your kids.

The first thing you want to do is to go online to find some information about the Bipolar disease and what the causes of Bipolar are. Do some reading about Bipolar depression , Bipolar statistics and anything else you find. The more information you can find the better able you will be able to determine if you or a family member has this disease.

When you have mood swings that are recurring episodes and they are disrupting your daily life then you might have the Bipolar disorder. This disorder can be divided into three different areas. There is the Bipolar 1 disorder, Bipolar 2 disorder and Cyclothymia. Bipolar I are when you have mood swings that have at least one manic episode. The Bipolar II will include a hypomanic episode, which basically means below mania and a time of major depression, which will often be followed by a lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and any disturbances in your sleep pattern. Cyclothymia is basically the same as the Bipolar 2 only there is a mild disturbance in your mood.

This disorder can be diagnosed by your doctor based on the experiences that you report, as well as those experiences that are reported by your friends, family, a psychiatrist, social worker, clinical psychologist or any other similar professional.

Bipolar disorder treatment is not about curing the disease because there is no known cure for it. Instead it revolves around finding an effective management of mood disorders and Bipolar disorder episodes. To achieve this there is a combination of bipolar medication and psychotherapy techniques that are used. The most common type of bipolar medicine that is prescribed is Lithium. However, Sodium Valproate and Carbamazepine are also used to treat this disease. The doctor will be the one to decide which medicine will best treat your bipolar disorder.

There are many times that bipolar behavior will not be detected by you, your family members or even doctors for a very long time. This means that the person who has bipolar disorder will suffer for years without any help before they figure out what it is and get treatment for it. If you or someone you know is showing bipolar disorder symptoms then you need to do research on this disease and get them to a doctor to be tested.

So, now you have an idea of what Bipolar is all about. What you need to make sure now is that you get help for it right away if you have it. The longer you go without treatment the longer you will have to suffer unnecessarily.

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