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    Natural Bipolar Treatment

    Sometimes referred to as manic-depressive disorder, bipolar disorder is a mental illness that manifests when a person has mood episode cycle from manic highs to very depressed lows, sometimes within seconds and sometimes over days, weeks and even years. For more information on what bipolar disorder is and a list...
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    Bipolar Disorder in Children

    If you have a child or teenager that has extreme bouts of silliness or excitement intertwined with periods of deep sadness, you may want to consider having them tested for bipolar disorder. Extreme behavior changes can affect the child’s home life and how he does at school. It may also...
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    Famous Bipolar People and Celebrities

    The list of famous celebrities who were diagnosed to have bipolar disease is impressive if we are to look at who is included. It is believed that Beethoven, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens suffered from this mental illness as well as more popular Hollywood celebrities like Phil Spector (record producer...
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    Bipolar and Pregnancy

    Controlling the symptoms of bipolar disorder during pregnancy has to be done carefully, balancing the benefit of treatment with the risks to both mother and child during this time. It is important to work with both your obstetric doctor and psychiatrist not just when you get pregnant but in the...

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