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    Children Bipolar

    Bipolar disorder in children is more common than people think it is. Do you know what bipolar in children and teens is? It is not known for kids under 6 to get this disease but for kids who are older than 6 or who are in their teens who have...
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    Bipolar Disorder Type 2

    Do you know who are and how many are affected by Bipolar disorder? According to Bipolar disorder statistics there are over three million Americans, which is about 1% of the population or one in every 100 people, have to deal with this disorder on a daily basis. This is just...
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    Bipolar Disorder Type 1

    What is Bipolar disorder? This question has been asked and answered by millions of people. The Bipolar definition is that it is an illness that is treatable but can’t be cured It will affect a person’s ability to have normal moods. Instead they will have extreme mood changes. Thought, energy...

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