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There are many people that are living with bipolar every day. This problem affects more than two million Americans. Do some research sometime and find out what the statistics say. You will be very surprised at what you learn. Men, women and children can be affected by bipolar disorder. So you need to learn as much as you can about it if you suspect that you or one of your family members or friends has it. This is especially important for parents who have bipolar or who have a history of Bipolar disorder in their family anywhere.

Not much is known about the causes of bipolar but it is known that this disorder has a genetic link. So if you are unsure about your family history of bipolar disorder then you need to find out if you had childhood bipolar or if anyone else did. This is important if your child is showing any symptoms of bipolar disorder.

There are five types of bipolar that you need to be aware of so you will have a basis in identifying or determining the manifesting symptoms. Your doctor can help you figure out which bipolar type you have. All of the types will involve depression episodes and mania episodes to a certain degree. This illness is a lifelong one and if you don’t get treatment then the episodes of bipolar can occur again over time. There is a small number of people who will have symptoms even when they have gotten treatment. Here are the Bipolar types.

  • Bipolar type 1: This type will range from mania and depression with episodes of severe mood swings.
  • Bipolar type 2: The Bipolar type ii is a milder form of Bipolar. It will involve milder episodes of hypomania which will alternate with times of depression.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: This type has even milder episodes.
  • Mixed Bipolar disorder: You will experience both mania and depression at the same time. This one will have very severe episodes.
  • Rapid-cycling Bipolar disorder: When you experience this type you will have multiple episodes within a week’s time and sometimes it can even happen all in one single day. This type will usually develop later in the course of this disorder. Women are more apt to get this over men, plus it can increase anyone’s risk of severe depression and attempts at suicide.

You want to make sure that you talk to your doctor and work with them to find out what type of disorder you have. This is very important to your treatment . Also, if you have a history of bipolar disorder or childhood bipolar disorder you need to make sure you let them know that. The more information you can give them about the history of your family’s history the better they will be able to provide the right treatment for you. Though your bipolar treatment will depend on your current symptoms of bipolar and other factors as well. So make sure you find a doctor that you trust so that you won’t feel uncomfortable sharing any information with them. Most people will end up seeing a psychiatrist because this is the doctor that can help people who are dealing with bipolar the most. They have the expertise to deal with patients that have this illness. It is very important that you take time choosing your doctor.

If you have a bipolar history then you want to watch for any symptoms so that you can get help if you need it. You don’t want to go without treatment if you are aware that there is a problem. Otherwise, you will be more miserable than ever.

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