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What is Bipolar and do I have it? This is a question that a lot of people are asking. Did you know that according to the Bipolar disorder statistics, 5.7 million adult Americans, that’s roughly about 2.6% of the population have this disease?

This is only for people who are 18 years of age or older. The number does not include children with Bipolar disorder. There are so many people who are dealing with Bipolar on a regular basis and anyone that doesn’t have this disease doesn’t know how big of a health problem this is for many people, especially children with Bipolar.

Do you think you may have the symptoms of Bipolar but are not sure? Then you need to find a Bipolar test/Bipolar Quiz to help you figure out. When you go online you can find many websites that will be helpful and will aid you in your search to find out if you have signs of Bipolar disorder or if your health problem is something else. When you want to find a test you can use you will find several available sites who offer the test to help you determine whether you or anyone in your family might have symptoms of Bipolar disorder.

You don’t want to use an online Bipolar test as your only way of diagnosing Bipolar. It is good to do self diagnosis to help you determine whether you have any of the symptoms for Bipolar, but only as the initial step. It is very important that you get a trained and qualified medical professional to evaluate the results and run some tests on you to check for this illness.

You want to use a Bipolar quiz only as a learning tool so that you can learn the highs and lows of the Bipolar disorder. If you feel like you need to consult with a doctor about what you learned from the test, then you have to make sure you take the test results with you from your online test when you see your doctor.

When you find a good Bipolar test/Bipolar quiz it will ask you questions about your past and how you felt about certain things. Then it will ask you how you are feeling at the current time. You will be tested on your moods, eating habits, sleeping habits, whether you feel restless or completely exhausted, speech patterns, any anger problems that are unusual or if you have ever done anything without first thinking about the consequences that your actions will create.

A Bipolar test/Bipolar quiz will also want to know if you have ever had periods of severe depression at anytime in your life. You will be asked if you have lost the pleasure of doing things that you once loved to do, if you are often mad at the world, or if you have been feeling upset or afraid for no reason. Other questions that you may be asked will be ones such as do you like yourself, do you feel like you don’t want to be with other people or do anything with other people, if you feel like you have nothing to live for and if you have contemplated death or suicide? Depending on your answers to the given questions, the result will determine the likelihood of you having the disease or not.

After you have learned about Bipolar behavior and whether you have it or not based on the results of the online test, the next step is to see a doctor for further evaluation if the results indicated positive that you are a candidate to having the disorder. The doctor will need to know if your spending habits have ever spun out of control, if you have ever felt the need or if you have ever practiced sexual promiscuity, or if you have ever had problems keeping your thoughts focused. If you answer yes to any of these questions asked by the doctor then it is highly possible that you are having a phase of Bipolar disorder called mania.

Remember that doing an online test is a good idea only as an initial tool to help you determine if you are Bipolar. It is still and very important to refer the matter to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to provide you with help for Bipolar disorder such as Bipolar medication, Bipolar support groups and maybe even Bipolar disorder therapy. It doesn’t matter what help you need your doctor can provide it.

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