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    Bipolar Disorder in Children

    If you have a child or teenager that has extreme bouts of silliness or excitement intertwined with periods of deep sadness, you may want to consider having them tested for bipolar disorder. Extreme behavior changes can affect the child home life and how he does at school. It may also...
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    Bipolar Test/Bipolar Quiz

    What is Bipolar and do I have it? This is a question that a lot of people are asking. Did you know that according to the Bipolar disorder statistics, 5.7 million adult Americans, that’s roughly about 2.6% of the population have this disease? This is only for people who are...
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    Bipolar Disease Signs

    There are many people who are living with Bipolar disorder on a daily basis. They already know what the causes of Bipolar are and they know what the Bipolar disorder treatment is. However, there are many people who have symptoms of Bipolar disorder but they are not aware of it...

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