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    Bipolar Disorder in Children

    If you have a child or teenager that has extreme bouts of silliness or excitement intertwined with periods of deep sadness, you may want to consider having them tested for bipolar disorder. Extreme behavior changes can affect the child home life and how he does at school. It may also...
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    Bipolar Disorder Type 2

    Bipolar disorder is a crippling mental illness. It affects people in very serious ways. With bipolar disorder you can experience extreme ups and downs in your emotional health. This isn’t anyone’s fault. The brain simply is out of balance and couldn’t fix itself. You may have heard about bipolar disorder...
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    Bipolar Disorder Type I

    Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes emotional ups and downs. Sometimes bipolar disorder can be symptoms of other mental illnesses, and sometimes it is just genetically transferred form parents to child. It is a crippling disease and if left untreated can cause suicidal thoughts and actions, dangerous behavior,...

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